Satellite TV Secrets

Did you know that many satellite TV customers in developed television markets get their programming through a DBS (direct broadcast satellite) provider? Yep, it's true!

The satellite tv provider selects programs and broadcasts them to its paying subscribers as a set package, such as a Direct TV or Dish Network package.

Basically, the satellite TV provider’s #1 goal is to bring dozens or even hundreds, if not thousands, of channels to the customers TV in a form that equals, if not surpasses, the competition from Cable television providers.

And unlike the programming of yesteryears, the satellite TV provider’s broadcast is completely 100% digital, which means it has the highest picture and stereo sound quality available.

Most people ask us which satellite TV provider is the #1 ranked globally and hands down it's DIRECTV.

DIRECTV is by far the nation's #1 digital satellite entertainment service provider of choice. They use the most advanced satellite technology to deliver programming from over 350 channels to homes and businesses with DIRECTV equipment capable of receiving the programming.

In addition, DIRECTV offers an incredible selection of digital entertainment for every member of your family - all in the high-def picture and sound that DIRECTV is most notably known for.


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